It is a known fact that generating business with existing clients is easier and more cost efficient than with new clients. Another known fact is that references are very strong arguments when selling.
Why not utilize this knowledge to extend your relationship with prospects and clients?

In the European community, approximately 20% of the working population is employed by a group of companies. This can be a multinational, or a group that has a presence in multiple countries.
If your target market consists of larger companies, it is very likely that you are already working with members of a group.

For efficient account management, information is key. Axyla has information on international groups of companies, and the experience to use this to your benefit. Use your own current relationship as a lever to get more business by cross selling to other members of the group. Know your current position with a group, and you can assess your potential.

If you have defined Multinational companies or international groups as a target market, Axyla can help you with information on these markets.
Axyla has information on groups of companies in Europe.
Not only on groups of European origin, but also on groups from outside Europe.

The information from Axyla enables you to assess the market potentials, your market penetration or your penetration within a group.