A Fortune 500 © company of US origin is present in many countries in Europe. The subsidiary of this company in a European country wants to improve its position in the market of companies with more than 50 employees. The sales manager for that European country has the impression many international companies are in his target market.

First analysis shows that his impression was correct; a large number of companies in the prospect list are part of an international group.

The next step is to find all companies, part of an international group, that are already client, anywhere in the world. The prospect companies are then contacted with a specific proposition. One of the arguments used to convince them is the fact that a 'family member' is already client (international reference).

The sales efficiency of this way of prospecting is very high: the number of contracts. compared to cold calling can be up to three times as high.

Besides higher sales efficiency, it makes sure that your offering is consistent towards a group. It avoids those awkward moments when you have to explain why a smaller subsidiary of a group has a better price than the main office for the same product or service.