Research into the largest companies in the Netherlands

Axyla researches sizes and structures of most organizations in the Netherlands and frequently publishes rankings on the Netherlands such as the largest companies and non-profit organizations.

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Large organizations in the Netherlands

Many organizations are part of a group. Groups are not always large and are not always profit orientated. In the figure below the number of groups in the total is represented. Almost 20% of the organizations that employ more than 5 people is part of a group. Of the organizations with more than 5 employees almost 7% is part of a group of which the mother company is located outside of the Netherlands.

The figure below displays in which sectors Dutch organizations with over 500 employees are active, what percentage belongs to a group and what percentage belongs to a group with its head office abroad.

The percentages in the column Group and Foreign are a percentage of the column 'Total'.

Axyla frequently updates all key information on the organisations as mentioned before. Axyla also provides in analyses as well as reports. 

Order the Dutch Top 500 of 2.500

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